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Client Satisfaction Questionnaire

Thank you for your instructions and confidence in relation to your claim. In order to help us maintain and improve our service, it would be helpful if you could complete this form indicating the level of satisfaction with the services received.

    Name of the fee earner dealing with your claim

    1) Please rate your general perception of our performance and level of service in relation to:



    Legal competence



    Relationship skills

    Overall quality of work

    Quality of our telephone reception

    Quality of our offices

    2) Please answer the following:

    Overall, did we deal with your matter efficiently?

    Were your calls/emails returned promptly?

    Were you regularly informed and updated with the progress of your case?

    Were you informed of the costs at the outset?

    Did you feel our services provided value for money?

    Are you satisfied with the result of your case?

    Would you recommend Pierre Thomas Law to other clients?

    Do you have any specific comment to make (in relation to your case, the fee-earner who was dealing with you case, the firm generally, or about how we could improve our services)?

    Would you be happy for your comments to be published on our website?

    Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.