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Summer holiday in France – cycling accident

Injured in a cycling accident in France: how can I get compensation?

As international travel has recently reopened, especially following the good news that fully vaccinated British people can now enjoy some well-deserved break in France without having to quarantine when returning home, no doubt that many of us will want to make the most of a sunny week or two in Provence, Brittany or Dordogne.

These places are ideal to relax but also to get some exercise after a long first half of 2021 mostly spent in lockdown, self-isolation or simply working from home.

We know that you love cycling on those little countryside roads. But what happens in case of an accident? You may have heard that since Brexit, the law has changed with regards to personal injury claims following accidents abroad. So where do you start?

Our dedicated specialist team is here to assist and take the burden from you, so that you can concentrate on your recovery.

If you were struck by a car when cycling, French law is very much in your favour to obtain full compensation for your injuries. In virtually all cases, vulnerable road users such as cyclists, pedestrian and passengers will get full compensation without the need to prove that the driver was driving negligently.

What about if your fall was caused by another cyclist? In that case the law on road traffic accidents does not apply, but there is another liability regime in French law that is favourable to victims of accidents caused by the use of a ‘thing’, such as a bicycle. It is also good to know that most French individuals hold a public liability insurance, which will cover their liability if they cause an accident.

If you had the misfortune of a cycling accident during your holiday in France, please get in touch, one of our friendly team will advise you on whether you can bring your claim in England or in France and obtain the best possible compensation for you, with the best funding options.

We have had success in several cycling accident cases in France for English victims. Please check our tracked record of success: Road traffic accidents – Pierre Thomas Law ; Personal injury compensation – Pierre Thomas Law



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