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Compensation for a skiing or snowboard accident

It is hard to beat the exhilaration of skiing or snowboarding down a mountain on a perfect piste, but even the best conditions are not without risks and winter sports accidents are a common occurrence.

As with any holiday, you are entitled to expect that reasonable standards of care will be taken in ensuring your safety when you are skiing or snow-boarding. This includes fellow holiday-makers who need to look out for other people on the piste. Even for more adventurous activities such as heli-skiing, cat-skiing or off piste or free-riding, properly trained and insured instructors should follow clear protocols for risk management.

If sufficient care was not taken and you have been injured as a result, you may have the right to claim compensation, particularly if the activities were not properly supervised and managed.

Are you entitled to compensation for an accident while skiing or snowboarding?

Circumstances which may indicate an inappropriate standard of care, include when:

  • Another skier or snowboarder has crashed into you and is entirely to blame;
  • An instructor or guide has taken you to an area on the mountain which is unsafe e.g. because of the risk of avalanche;
  • If your ski instructor or guide took you on the wrong slope, or one too challenging for your level of expertise;
  • If you were provided with the wrong equipment;
  • A defective ski lift or cable car has caused you to injure yourself; or
  • You slipped on a public path within the resort that has not been cleared of snow or ice properly.

The accident might be the fault of another skier or snowboarder, a tour operator, ski instructor or guide, or ski facilities operator. They should all have insurance to cover an accident claim.

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Accident checklist
  1. Seek medical attention ASAP and record name of medical centre and staff who see you.
  2. Report the accident to the local police and request a copy of the report.
  3. Take the name, contact details and insurance details of the person who caused you to fall.
  4. Take photos of location and weather.
  5. Collect evidence, such as broken equipment.
  6. Obtain names and contact details of witnesses.
  7. Keep all receipts for medical and related expenses.
  8. Check if your travel or home insurance policy covers legal fees.

Is there a time limit?

In the UK, you must make a claim within three years of the date of the accident.
In the EU, different countries operate different laws. We will advise you of any time limits once we know the details.

Our track record of success

The solicitors at Pierre Thomas have a strong reputation for recovering compensation for holidaymakers injured in countries across Europe, from minor injuries to fatal cases and those involving severe brain, spinal or other injuries.

Recent cases involving skiing and snowboarding include:

  • Claiming over £250,000 in compensation for a French woman who had a broken pelvis and a fractured shoulder after a collision caused by an English skier;
  • Seeking compensation for a 10 year old English child who was hit by another skier in France and suffered a broken leg;
  • Secured compensation of £100,000 for a French holidaymaker who was seriously injured by a British skier;
  • Obtaining £40,000 compensation for an English skier who suffered a complicated leg fracture whilst on ski holiday in France when he slipped on an icy footpath;
  • Negotiated a £25,000 for a French woman hit by an English snowboarder in Andorra who suffered an injury to her shoulder

Frequently asked questions

We offer a free initial consultation.

We will tell you if we think you have a good case and if we can help you.

We will not use your information for any other purpose.

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