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Our fees (For individuals)

We handle hundreds of claims every year for victims of accidents abroad or in the UK. Wherever possible we will offer to finance your claim on the basis of a no-win, no-fee conditional fee agreement (CFA) – this means that you will have nothing to pay from the outset and you do not risk paying your own costs or the other party’s costs even if your claim does not succeed.

We will generally require that you take out an insurance policy to protect you and the cost of this policy and our success fee (an amount paid to us to compensate us for taking on the risk of an unsuccessful claim) will usually be deducted from the damages you receive. Rest assured that the cost of the insurance policy is usually relatively inexpensive, and our success fee will never exceed 25% of your damages and is usually much less.

If we have no choice but to bring your claim in the courts of another country e.g. France (or if you have a choice but we recommend to act in that country for strategic purposes) the rules on costs are different and the option of a CFA may not be available. In this case we will require you to sign a retainer (form of agreement on costs) with us which will either require that you agree to pay our fees yourself on an hourly rate basis (either on an ongoing basis or at the end of your case), or in some cases we may offer an agreement combining a fixed fee and a percentage of your damages as a success fee.

Either way we commit to providing you with clear and understandable information on our fees at the outset of your claim and will keep you informed throughout the case about all issues relating to our fees. We will always offer retainers which are compliant with the rules of the country where the claim is pursued (Law Society of England & Wales; Ordre des Avocats de Paris).

It’s important that you understand what, if any, responsibility you have for payment of our fees and our highly experienced and friendly solicitors will always be happy to speak to you about any aspect of fees at any stage of your case with us.