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Our fees (For insurers)

Pierre Thomas Law has been acting for foreign and UK insurers and other professional clients since the firm was established in 1991. Throughout our history we have been uniquely well placed to provide focused, expert advice on all kinds of cross-border litigation at a reasonable cost to our clients.

We specialise solely in this kind of work so you can be certain that the person dealing with your claim has a great deal of experience in precisely the kind of work involved. We will not hand your file to a trainee, newly qualified solicitor or other fee earner who is not familiar with the issues arising in cross-border claims and who will inevitably rack up significant amounts of chargeable hours re-inventing the wheel whilst at the same time requiring significant supervision, all of which will increase the eventual bill. Furthermore, we do not impose unrealistic targets on our fee earners insofar as daily time recording is concerned which can lead to “padding” of time and inflated estimations of the time required to complete tasks. As a result, we have rarely, if ever, received any complaints about our costs and believe that our fees are reasonable and represent excellent value for money.

In general fees for insurers and other professional clients are calculated in accordance with the current version of our Conditions of Remuneration on the basis of an hourly rate which is set by reference to the nature of the work involved and the experience of the fee earner dealing. You will find that our rates are competitive and, in many cases, represent much better value than some of our competitors. You will be provided with details of the applicable hourly rate at the outset of the case together with an estimate of the likely cost of the claim until completion. We will always keep you updated on the level of fees incurred as the case progresses.

We are always happy to discuss our fees and in certain limited cases may agree to deal with a case on the basis of a fixed fee.

Our aim is to provide you with expert advice and representation at reasonable cost.